Sunday, February 1, 2009

raw potatoes

1. Cold fronts from Russia make for beautiful snowy mornings in Chelmsford.

2. Only old people go to church in Chelmsford. The music at Trinity Methodist Church was EXTREEMLY loud this morning. In fact, everything was. I found myself in need of ear plugs very quickly. No sooner did I look around to find that everyone around me was wearing, not ear plugs, but hearing aids. I got excited when I saw a small group of young children sitting in the front, thinking, well surly they must have parents that haven’t quite hit the hearing loss age. To my dismay, it was girlscout/boyscout Sunday and they were just there for the day. Not only that, but their parents did not even come to the service. The families were all lined up outside to get their kids. Goal for next week… find a church with at least one person under the age of 65!

3. Currently watching the movie The Holiday as I type this. I decided to get out of the big city and tool around in Surrey, where the movie was filmed, or at least parts of it. So, off to Godalming, Surrey I went, in search of a road! Beautiful, quant town. Quiet. Less pollution (noise and air). I went with a girl from work and two other girls and we ate at a natural cafĂ© and then went to Granny’s bakery and had a flap (oats and chocolate chips all melted together with butter!! Yummy!)

4. After church I walked to Tesscos (cheap grocery store)… I must say… after walking three plus miles to the store, I was way to tired to cook anything I had purchased.

5. Small blessings… God has been so amazing in the ways he has provided for me as of late (and always). A few fun examples…
a. I purchased some black trainers (sneakers) as all this walking is about to kill me. I found a pair of Lonsdale trainers for only 12 pounds at a sports store. Now, I tried the shoe on my left foot, liked the price and went ahead and purchased them. I put them on (all black so I can wear them with my dress pants) and went to a school visit. About ¾ of a mile later, I realized that my right foot is larger than my left and am pretty sure that subsequently, my right foot was in an extraordinary amount of pain. SO much for cheap shoes. However, too cheap to buy more shoes, I put them on the next day and WHAAAA LAAAA, I haven’t had a problem since. They fit and are soooo comfortable. I’m in foot comfortable heaven!
b. As of late, I have been provided with A* (they don’t receive +’s in this country) transportation service. Where I normally have to wait for 10-20 min. in the cold for the next train, I have literally arrived at the station in just the nick of time… right as the train is about to leave the station. NO wait… and then, I’ve arrived at the transfer station just in time to catch my connecting train right before it pulls off. It’s been fabulous.
c. I’ve made a decision to keep about half of my paycheck (we get paid weekly) in the bank for future travel/savings to bring back to the U.S. Thus, I am forcing myself to survive on less. In doing this, I find that some weeks the budget is quite tight. So, rent was due yesterday, which meant that I had just 20 pounds left in my wallet after tithing this morning. Now, that 20 pounds needed to last me until NEXT Monday! Additionally, I had just about no food in my cupboards, little money on my pay as you go phone, and told a co-worker that I would pick up a bag for her in Chelmsford (unaware how much it would cost). Side note: there was this olive green scarf that I have been eyeing and wanted very badly! So, after church I walked to the town centre and just happened to pass a store I had never seen before that was going out of business (thank you economic recession). Anyways, as I passed by the storefront, the very olive green scarf that I’ve been wanting was there with a Clearance 1 pound sign next to it. I got my green scarf for a pound (I had it in change so I didn’t even have to break my 20). Additionally, I was able to get one in blue for my roommate whose birthday just passed. Then, I trotted off, faint snow falling on my face, to the futon store where I saw the bag that my co-worker wanted. (Mom, it’s the same as the green one you got me for Christmas. I saw the same ones n a store here). My co-worker saw mine and liked it. I told her I saw them in Chelmsford and offered to pick one up for her. So, I got to the store and they had two left, one sale for 4.95 pounds. I had 3.75 in change and then my 20 note. The lady at the small shop didn’t have any change. After asking a customer if they had change, a nice made handed me two pounds and said, “We’ve got to look out for our fellow country’s people.” I thanked him several times and even offered to give him the change that I had. He said no. What a blessing!! First, he didn’t have to do that at all, then he could have taken my change or only given me the 1.20 that I needed. But no, he gave me two whole pounds. What a blessing. I was instantly reminded of the story of the 5,000. I kept thinking of how the Lord took what I had and made it enough for what I needed, which I thought was impossible. I love how the Lord delights in the impossible.
d. My aunt’s got me a gift certificate to a store here in England for Christmas (so sweet of them to think ahead like that). Well… it came in the mail two days ago!! Perfect timing… I think so!!
e. Next fun story… still with my 20 pounds in my wallet I headed to Tessco where I got enough food to last me for the week (about 14 pounds) and then had just enough to put 5 pounds on my phone. God truly provided everything I needed.
f. And, my favorite… God is using time and distance apart to really push Jeff and I to rely on Him. It has been nothing short of amazing to see the many ways in which God is working in our relationship. Things are just fantastic. I could not be more happy ☺

6. I’m being a good roommate tonight. Leena’s birthday was Friday and some of the housemates are going to Frankie and Benny’s to eat. Sounds fancy, sounds expensive. Might have to use the card for that one and do a little direct debting action. Boo!! Oh well, I can be a good roommate!! Should be fun, and I sure wouldn’t pay to go there myself. There is also about a foot of snow on the ground… so beautiful, yet so cold!!! I’d rather just snuggle up with a good movie I think. BUT, I’ll be a good roommate!!

7. I really like eating raw potatoes. Slice them up… yummy, it’s like a healthy French fry!

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