Monday, January 26, 2009

Exhausted in England

Yes, I’m alive!! Too exhausted to write, but alive none-the-less.

A few of my recent adventures…

1. Spend Saturday walking around the town of Chelmsford. First time I’ve really seen it in the daylight. So beautiful. The market was fabulous and there is a small (kind of muddy water) river that runs though the middle of town. Lots of great shops and LOTS of great sales (thank you official economic recession!)
2. Q-tips are IMPOSSIBLE to find and are apparently called cotton wool buds. Ok, I know q-tip is a name brand, and I’ll buy the cotton bud… but wool?!? Come on… there is no wool on that little stick.
3. Band-aids. I bought some new flats (all this walking is just killing my feet). However, my excitement over my cute pink flats was short lived when I felt them rubbing at the back of my heels all morning. I asked around for a band-aid. Apparently they don’t keep them in the first aid kit at work because people are allergic to the sticky part. What people?!? How many people?!? It is covered, just don’t use it if you are allergic. Anyways, those are also called something different. Plasters… plasters!?!?! Plasters?!?! Like are we using plaster to plaster something?!?! Again, very strange.
4. I’ve realized that rail construction happens consistently every Sunday, making my commute into central London for church a bit difficult. My alternative = church in Chelmsford. My first experience this Sunday… let’s just say it left a little to be desired. Nice people, all twenty-five of them! Most with grandchildren that are probably older than me. And, it was communion Sunday, which I was excited about . The bread, which looked and tasted like an undercooked hamburger bun was just the right size for the congregation. However, the wine (yes wine, not juice)… well I can’t comment on that. I passed. Old Gertrude to my left and Trudy (names made up) were coughing and wheezing the whole time… pneumonia, flu, who knows?!?! So when they started passing the cup and everyone started drinking out of it… yeah, I know my immune system works on overdrive… but there was no way my lips were going anywhere near that germ infested cup. I think God forgives me. He heard those ladies coughing up a lung too. They sounded awful.
5. Work is going much better. A few weeks in and I THINK I have finally oriented myself with what exactly I am supposed to be doing. And my co-workers are just fabulous. It is so nice to enjoy the people you are working with.

Ok, I do believe at 8:30 pm my eyes are slowing drifting off to sleep. Long exhausting days, but so exciting!

Up-coming events… Norway (February 19th), Julia (beginning of May) coming to visit & Jeff coming to visit (April 3)!!! I’m so excited ☺

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